Why I LOVE What I Do

“My appreciation of Van’s talents emerged long before I even met her. A colleague set high expectations – that Van was highly skilled, effective, and insightful. In-person, she is even more impressive. Van is unassuming, personable, and collaborative by nature. All this combined with deep expertise in digital marketing and a Ninja-like ability to get things done. The biohacking event where I met Van, after being graciously invited to speak, was exceptionally well organized, actively promoted (sold out), and smoothly run. We are honored to have Van working with us to get the word out about NanoVi devices.”
Rowena Gates
Vice President of Eng3 Corporation
“I’ve been lucky to know Van for over a decade and I’m constantly amazed at her continued growth and reinvention. She’s had first hand experience overcoming trauma, and through sheer determination and resilience she only strengthens after every hurdle. Just listening to her most recent podcast proves she’s passionate about what she does, and she conveys that passion in caring for others. A woman of great integrity, she desires to help people overcome their own trauma through healing and the workshops she curates. An empath who takes the time to nourish relationships so people can better understand themselves and refocus on their own purpose. I look forward to watching her soar.”
Scott Fairbrother
Live Music Producer
“Van was a sensational coach, whose knowledge helped me stay inspired and motivated. Her guidance and true passion contributed to her being a leader everyone valued and looked forward  to working with.”
Liliya Lebed
425 Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery
“It’s rare to come across standout talent like Van. She inspired me to restart my Private Chef business and helped me rebuild my brand. Van is extremely efficient, hard-working, organized, and passionate about helping others succeed. I attended ‘Jubilee Seattle: A Food’s New Wave’ and ‘Live Love Now’ where Van was a keynote speaker and ran a workshop educating large audiences on biohacking and healing. I also listened to the Project Markie Podcast where Van was interviewed and shared her inspirational journey and insights on transforming after adversity. Van motivates others to transform their businesses through coaching and biohacking and I highly recommend working with her and Revival You.”
Monica Sin
Monica Sin
Chef of Taste of Sin
“We are incredibly grateful to have had Van’s guidance in branding and marketing our conference- I honestly can’t imagine what we would have done without her! She is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about her work. She went above and beyond to make our event a success. I simply can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Amanda Ryskowski
Amanda Ryskowski
President of Entheogenic Research Awareness (ERA)
“Listening back to our conversation, I’m amazed at how well you identified self love or a lack thereof and what you did to address this. Even though nobody likes to admit this to themselves, we ALL struggle with our own insecurities sometimes. Hearing your story of overcoming these insecurities, stopping negativity inside and out, and learning self love is truly inspiring to me. Thank you Van for being so real and relatable.”
Markie Williams
Host of Project Markie, Pro Bikini Athlete, Human Trafficking Survivor
“Thank u Van Thu Nguyen for sharing your journey for all to listen. Your story was heart breaking, it was powerful and extremely inspirational. The struggles, the trials, the tribulations that you went through made you who you are today. A selfless humanitarian, and most important a strong woman.”
Lucien Luis Augustin
“I know Van as the tireless promoter of an all-volunteer biohacking group in Seattle. Through her drive and leadership, she expanded the organization from an off-again-on-again meetup to a can’t-miss regular gathering that is always full of interesting people. She’s not just a great organizer: after recruiting top-notch speakers and arranging good venues, she gets to know each attendee, proactively connects people, and makes everyone welcome and eager to join her next event. I’ll want to check out anything Van organizes, even if it’s not my immediate interest, because I know she’ll put it together professionally and ensure everyone involved feels included.”
Richard Sprague
CEO of Personal Science, Inc
“Three key elements stood out to me when I worked with Van: Leadership, Authenticity, and Connectedness. These elements left a positive lasting impression on my teammates and I during the time that we worked together on an event together. Her leadership arose particularly when she assisted in launching a website and assisted us in organizing team communication streams. Her authenticity shown during the workshop she led at our event on BioHacking. Her connectedness with the audience left a positive lasting impression on the audience, including my best friend. Many thanks to Van, who is the person who was 100 percent present with my team throughout the duration that we worked together."
Song Mei-Doran
Organizer of Live Love Now
“P4Mi worked with Van twice to organize gatherings of the local Biohackers Collective. I found Van to be super enthusiastic and a joy to work with. The gatherings were well organized, well received and created more interest in the work of the P4 Medicine Institute. I look forward to see what Van accomplishes in the near future.”
George Haddad
Chief Medical Officer of P4 Medicine Institute
“Van has been absolutely amazing to partner with for the start up of PNW BioHackers and for taking over the existing Biohackers Collective Seattle Chapter Meetup group, which has grown over 40% in membership in the 9 months we have been co-organizing. Her knowledge on event management, PR, and social media have made our events not only popular, enthusiastically successful with repeated sell out events. On top of that, Van brings to the table excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Van is passionate, driven, and keeps our projects moving forward with clear objectives. She has been instrumental in the evolution of our projects. Van is also caring, compassionate, and easy to talk to. I feel extremely fortunate to collaborate with her and know she will be an integral asset to any organization lucky enough to bring her on.” 
Steve Williams
Co-Creator PNW BioHacker and Co-Organizer of Biohackers Collective
“Van does an excellent job of creating events, getting high turnout, engagement, and ensuring the events exceed expectations. She clearly puts in effective work and skill into the branding and social media behind the scenes to make this happen. After the events are over she also leaves a richer and better developed community behind. She shares a wealth of knowledge about health, wellness, and biohacking wherever she goes.”
Kristian Welch
Executive of carbonshade
“Van is definitely enjoyable to relate to in business and personal matters. She is thorough, organized, down to earth as well as professional, and hosts elegant star studded events. You can depend on her to follow through and handle your needs with the most graceful demeanor.”
Caressa Ayres
Caressa Ayres
Owner of iFlow a Jin Shin Jyutsu Studio
“Working with Van has been great. She invited me to join her team at PNW Biohackers and Biohackers Seattle recently; and I've been truly impressed with her leadership skills and overall character. Van has a very out-giving nature; and invests a lot of time and energy into the people around her. I greatly appreciated her mentorship and tips for social media, event planning, and project management as well. Van really puts her 'all' into her work; and her passion is contagious! I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Halie Johnson
Medical Sales and Trade Show Coordinator of Eng 3 Corp l NanoVi Technology
“Van is such an amazing addition to any place she goes, she truly lights up a room. Van is very good with time management, she pays attention to detail, and works extremely hard. Van is someone I depend on to get the job done. I believe Van can excel in any job she does, she is such a great people person, she goes above and beyond!”
Jessica Lamb
Regional Office Manager of Cascadia Kids Dentistry
“One of the things I enjoyed most about with Van, is her can do attitude! We gave her crazy deadlines and she was able to pull through, and put together a great website for our event. She also made the process super easy on our end. We had a few calls and emails to discuss the colors and designs and it was ready in less than a few weeks. I would highly recommend!”
Mario Siu
Licensed Massage Therapist
“Van’s level of passion, creativity, and professionalism is simply incredible. She’s able to effortlessly put together and manage live events, connect with attendees and develop solid relationships. I highly recommend Van for anyone who is looking market their business or put on an outstanding event!”
Kevin Brian Clinton
Manager of Partner Alliances and VAS Marketing of Kareo
“Van is one the most effective, thoughtful and expert event planners/organizers I’ve had the privilege to meet. She has the ability to not only evangelize/market the event or brand but also help potential attendees to see the value and commit to attending the event. She goes above and beyond to reach out to sponsors and partners to contribute products and services so attendees not only get valuable information at the end of the event but also have goody bags to take home as reminders to check out the brands and businesses that participated in the presentation/event. Looking forward to attending your next event. Please keep me posted of future events.”
Charles Oblong
Account Manager of Blueberry Consulting, LLC
“Van is a consummate professional and I really value my connection with her. She's always on top of her game, is very smart, is prompt to respond to communications, and is excellent at understanding where she can add value to your business. I hired Van to provide me some feedback on my coaching business and I am extremely happy with the results. She was instrumental in me making some smart decisions regarding outsourcing tasks in my business as well as helping me coordinate some events.”
Daniel Cortez
Integrated Transformational Coach
“Not only did Van do an excellent job helping to rebrand and market our educational conference, but she was wonderful to work with. Always prompt, very knowledgeable, and both professional and friendly. We could not have achieved the level of success we did without her work! I'm grateful to know her, and couldn't recommend her enough.”
Elliot Zyglis
Entheogenic Research Awareness Organizatio
“Van’s more than just a publicist and brand strategist, she’s also a mentor. She has kept me motivated and given me the confidence I need to move forward towards my goals. Since we started working together, Van has given me valuable career insights, made great intros, grew my online presence, created a brand that represented me very well, kept me organized, and helped me identify risks and solved problems along the way. She’s caring, honest, and understanding in the way she communicates and has a beautiful way of bringing ideas to life far better than what I had imagined. Everything is done with amazing detail. messageNOW has wowed me with the results and with how well they’ve taken care of me. I have complete trust in her and her team to make the best decisions for my brand.”
Luke Reddell
Commercial Actor / Model
“Van is truly someone you want in your corner. She puts so much methodical thought into what she's doing, but she also goes with the flow enough to create organic synergy with her clients. She's patient, yet firm and makes sure the task at hand gets done. She's also insanely reliable. I've worked with several people in her position in the past, and they can often be hard to pin down. Van is committed to making sure she gets back to her clients and associates in a reasonable time. That's a biggie for me. If you're ever thinking of doing business with Van, jump right in. She's a rock star in this game!”
Christopher McDonald
Principal Connector of Connections First
“After several years of interfacing with Van, I have come to understand that she is an effective communicator, articulate and driven. She displays a strong and purposeful attitude towards her work and career. Van employs various communication styles effectively within context and is committed to furthering the endeavors of her clients.”
Doug Fenske
Independent Music Professional of Real Records
“From my initial consult to finished work, messageNOW has surpassed my expectations by over delivering. I had the pleasure of working with their Principal Strategist. Van patiently worked with my busy schedule and variables to ensure I got the best results possible in establishing my digital presence and creating a brand that not only reflects my goals, but connected me with a business consultant to help me with my business. She made time to answer my questions and helped me get all my pieces in place, I can now confidently market myself and grow my following as a speaker and political commentator. I can say without any doubt, messageNOW is amongst one of the best PR agencies with effective communication skills giving their clients special attention, strategic counsel, and flawless execution. Their expertise extends beyond just PR, if you want to stand out from the competition and accelerate your success they are the team for you.”
Chay Komanduri
Influential Political Strategist/Commentator
“I had the pleasure of meeting Van in person. She gave me a great recommendation for a private investigator and is very giving of her time. She definitely hustles hard, has a great attitude, and is 110% committed to her work!”
Mike Lin
Angel Investor and CEO of T-Shirts Matter
“Over the course of the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with Van and benefiting from her expertise in social media and branding for my law firm practice. Van is the most creative, diligent and effective branding and social media professional I know. She is persistent and responsible, not to mention being one of the nicest people I know. She is tenacious when it comes to deliverables for a business and elevating the visibility of a business in a positive and intelligent manner. I highly recommend Van to any person or business that wants to raise its visibility and market response and who doesn't need that?!”
Bruce Ishimatsu
Managing Partner and Founder of Ishimatsu Law Group
“Van is a remarkable hard-working individual who works diligently to establish good relations with her clients. Her dedication to excellence and attention to detail makes her a valuable ally. I greatly enjoy her skills in communication as they are extremely useful in dealing with various situations.. not to mention a pleasure to converse with as well. She approaches situations from various directions and provides wonderful insight to assist in solving issues in the most efficient and effective manner. In this crazy world of toxicity, she is the one person that will power through and deal with things in a logical and honest manner.”
Trung Nguyen
Project Engineer at Cisco Systems
“Van Nguyen is a 'tour de force!' She approaches every task with laser focus and works until completion. Every task she's given she completes ahead of schedule and does nothing less than 150%. When I hired her company to help establish my company's brand, she patiently worked with me and my hectic schedule to provide exactly what I wanted and continued to follow-up to make sure I was satisfied. I would recommend Van to anyone who is serious about taking their brand to the next level.”
Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick
Producer / Writer / Director of FlatCat Productions
“Van, This is a person of incredible talents. The moment I met her I knew there was something extra special about her. First, we began to collaborate on putting a potential movie idea together. it was Van who said, "I have done this before for high profile clients and know how this process works. Let me go through my files and see who might be able to open doors for us . " Next, I approached her with a book idea, I was working on a Kindle books #Dogs and Roses# and her professional demeanor was impeccable. She began with prerequisite of my budget and then came her review. It was the way she framed her constructive feedback, it may have been difficult at the time to hear, but in the end it helped make my end product even better. Most companies will do a one two page review, she did quiet a bit more and it was if you were having a book editor review your work. If you want someone who will truly take cares of you and all of your needs you want Van Nguyen working on your behalf.”
Rosalyn Kahn
TEDx Speaker and Coach
“Van was a pleasure to work with on the logo development for her client. She was very well prepared and communicative about the direction of the project, which is always helpful in the design process. She's a total pro and knows her business. She's an asset to her clients and the people that work with her.”
David Brzozowski
Owner / Creative Director of BlueSpark Studios
“Van is the most motivated and driven supervisor I've ever had. Once she sets a goal she really strives to reach it, which is a great asset especially for her clients. Her work ethic will produce results almost instantaneously and she's really great with working closely with all her clients. I couldn't ask for a better PR rep, project manager, and mentor.”
Priscilla Ng
Priscilla Ng
Marketing and Public Relations Intern of SNA
“Van is a great supervisor, she is very detail-oriented and produced beneficial results for the company. She is thorough in her role and I found her feedback on projects very helpful to learn from and develop. I enjoyed working with her and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”
Claudia Dziewonska
Claudia Simos-Dziewonska
PR Assistant Account Executive of SNA
“Van is a high achiever and an excellent communicator. She is very driven, detailed-oriented, passionate about her job, and she always strive to deliver the best result for clients.”
Wan Ting Choo
Wan Ting Choo
PR Intern of SNA