Who am I?

I am a brand strategist with a refined eye for beauty and hypervigilant attention to detail, I’ve taken these skills to the marketplace in the last 12 years, where I spend most of my time extracting quality and transforming brands to help them build positive, captivating messages for their audiences. I bring people together through experiential empathic engagement by strategically positioning them to create better and lasting impressions. As an expert generalist in business, I can draw on diverse knowledge in a variety of industries with resourceful problem-solving abilities. 

Van Revival was born due to my versatility and commitment to resilience and reinvention. I have a knack for turning challenges into opportunities. People describe me to be a strong-willed individual with a “where there’s a will, there’s a way” approach to challenges. And known for landing on my feet and adapting quickly to new situations. With my approach to relationship building I have the natural ability to disarm people quickly and bring the right people together. A matchmaker of sorts. My entrepreneurial project management skills combined with resourcefulness have successfully taken projects from ideation to execution by creating master plans with the smartest path to get my clients optimal results. 

Currently, my passion lies in helping health and wellness brands provide quality solutions to achieve their goals and being a catalyst to trauma survivors leveraging biohacking healing modalities to facilitate post-traumatic growth and resilience. I’ve always been an energetic hard-driving businesswoman operating at a faster than normal speed with a focused understanding of how to inspire, develop, and sustain high-performance work teams. I incorporate sustainable & mindful business practices for long term successes. 

Thanks for reading.


Work with me.

I am available for remote projects, press interviews, and coaching. Will travel within the US for select projects/events at this time.