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Revival You was created to help you grow through adversity. Let me be your catalyst for healing. Don’t just go through life, revive and thrive.

One of the best ways you can prepare yourself and mitigate the risk of failure is to develop resilience.


Biohack Your Health

Revival You was created to help break free of your old self so you don’t just become stronger and more resilient, you can go beyond those limits and boundaries that confine you and hold you back from achieving your dreams and desires. With a combination of coaching and biohacking, I am here to help you overcome extremely stressful times, optimize your success, and facilitate post-traumatic growth by providing you with the encouragement, support, tools, and insight you need for yourself and/or for your business in the following areas: Stress & Anxiety, Post Traumatic Growth, ADHD, Mindfulness, Minimalism, Confidence Building, Personal Empowerment Coaching, Post Breakup, Dating & Relationships, Leadership, Career Transition/Starting a Business, Branding and Marketing.


Empowerment is understanding where you are and working towards your goal. As your Personal Empowerment Coach I focus on where you are now and where you want to be. It's easy to go day in and day out on autopilot, what I do is get you to slow down and sometimes pause to bring awareness to your current situation, your constraints and how your unique experiences have led to your present. You may feel absolutely powerless in your situation and drained, as your coach I help you see things from a higher perspective. By viewing the same situation at a higher perspective you will then see the possibilities and choices you didn't before. By seeing the opportunities and choices in front of you, those feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness will fade.

The best way to describe it is like you are stuck in this box, the box confines you and limits you, it makes you feel small and trapped, you have trouble breaking out of it. Like the box around the tree in my logo. You're unable to see beyond the box that contains you and the more bad experiences you encounter the harder it is for you to get strength to break out of it. That can lead to frustration, anger, sadness, shame, and guilt. What I do is help you empower yourself from those negative experiences, your confinements, and get you to believe in yourself to grow beyond that box. Remove the cloud and the rain so the sun can shine upon you. A big part of my training with B~Spoke LLC (Leadership coaching company helping Asian Leaders be seen, be heard, and be known)  and its partnership with GiANT Worldwide (People development company) is know yourself to lead yourself. With me working with you I'll help you regain confidence and trust in yourself to make great decisions and remove self sabotaging behaviors that work against you. 

Only by having self awareness can you take accountability. When you start to hold yourself accountable for your own success and happiness and move away from viewing yourself as the victim can you be empowered to achieve your goals. The 5 steps to overcome your physiology and external influences to be more accountable are:

  1. Gain clarity on what's important to you. Not your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend. What do you value? Values guide your behavior and attitudes. When your behavior is aligned with your values then you can feel good about your decisions. When you focus attention and make time for what's important to you, you'll feel more energized and a greater sense of satisfaction in your own life. 
  2. Instead of blaming others, put the responsibility on yourself. That doesn't mean blame yourself for things that go wrong when you don't have control over external factors, but try your best to do what you can to get better results. Recognize how your actions impact the outcome. You reap what you sow. 
  3. Fail forward. We are fallible creatures. Don't be so critical of yourself. The inner critic can put you in paralysis. Instead learn from your mistakes. Actions and choices lead to consequences some greater than others. Take that lesson and put it towards future situations and look at it as gaining experience. If you view the consequences as a cause outside of yourself then the likelihood of you doing something about it will be slim to none. Like Albert Einstein would say, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."
  4. Learn from people who have more knowledge and experience than you like your teachers, coaches, and mentors. By learning from them you also avoid falling into the same pitfalls they once did. You don't have to learn things the hard way. If you think you know everything or usually the smartest person in the room, then it's time to walk into another room and surround yourself with people who help you grow.
  5. The mind is a powerful thing. Be careful where you put your attention because it influences how you think which in turn impacts your actions. Call it self-fulling prophecy. The mind is deeply connected to our bodies. If you constantly tell yourself you will fail at something, you could subconsciously do things to sabotage it and attract more of that negative energy to you.  

    The tools, insights, and exercises I provide you will  heighten your self awareness and boost your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ). Shirad Chamine,  CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world, having trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools, says achievements (Performance, Success, Happiness) is the result of Potential (IQ, Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Network, and EQ) multiplied by PQ (Positive Intelligence Score).

Here's what empowerment coaching looks like:

  1. Where are you at now? At the start of our relationship my goal is to seek understanding of where you are now without passing any judgement and where you want to be. It's critical that you have an awareness of that, and if you don't my job is to help you foster it so you can be more intentional with your actions. Some other questions that we will go through is "Why is change important to you?" "What do you hope to happen?" "Why now?" 
  2. Through exploration of where you are now and what you want to work towards your future goals we identify where you want to go next and work to create your vision. It's like driving a nice car, if you have no destination in mind you'll waste gas driving to nowhere. It's not enough to know what you DON'T want, so the purpose of this second step is working with you to identify what it is you DO want so we can create a path to get there.
  3. Next is coming up with an action plan. Figure out what your self-limiting beliefs are, challenging them, and if they are true, look at the choices you do have. 
  4. So now what actions do you need to take to reach that goal or adopt that new mindset? As your Personal Empowerment Coach I work with you to put together a process that works. Like baking a delicious paleo blueberry muffin you have to mix the right ingredients, in the right order, under the right heating conditions, and use the right tools and appliance to you get the you want. 

Empowerment coaching brings back your motivation by helping you build strength from within and regain control by building up your emotional state. Your emotional state often becomes your reality. Hence the law of attraction. You'll realize you are much more resilient and resourceful than you think. Connect with yourself, body, mind, and spirit so you can wake up everyday and face the world. I'm here to embrace who you are and create a space for you to flourish and grow under my care. Personal Empowerment Coaching is much more intimate than traditional coaching and much more encompassing. A Life Coach focuses on a very specific part of your life and identify the obstacles vs Personal Empowerment Coaching focused on your emotional state and elevate you to where you want to be so you can achieve great things. 

Private one-on-one coaching takes place either over the phone or via Zoom video call. Session length typically varies from 30-60 minutes. Single sessions with no commitment and monthly packages are available.

Q. What is coaching?

Ai) Client-centered process

Aii) A coach focuses on the whole person, how the past events and circumstances impact his/her current day and what clients want to accomplish.

Aiii) Coach invites and encourages the client to view the same situations in a higher perspective through exploration and learning how their brains work and formulate his/her own approaches to life. 

Aiv) Provide coaching tools that foster Self-awareness and growth 

Av) With a deep understanding of family and sexual trauma, ADHD, stress & anxiety, insecurities, social science, and the traits, patterns, behaviors, challenges, and current neuroscience, the coach proactively works with the client to  discover client's unique way of thinking and how to best employ tactics to succeed. 

Q. What is the coach's responsibility? 

Ai) Educate client about their own trauma, ADHD, stress, anxiety, PTSD, insecurities, and so forth.

Aii) Create trust by creating a safe space for client to communicate. That includes: respecting and acknowledging clients point of view, new awareness, progress, and success with evidence.

Aiii) Mirror observations to bring about awareness.

Aiv) Hold the client accountable for their agreed upon actions. 

Av) Ask evocative questions to get client thinking beyond the current situation and self.

Avi) Use clarification, structure, alignment, and systems as a way to give support to achieve goals. 

Avii) Reinforce good behavior and winning cycles, examine successes and strengths.

Aviii) Identify and integrate sources of motivation and positive emotion.

Q. What is coaching not suppose to entail?

Ai) Diagnosing clients

Aii) Counseling, mentoring, consulting, mediation, therapy, giving legal advice 


2018 - Current LinkedIn: To foster economic empowerment and give back, I volunteer as a Career Advisor on LinkedIn's Career Advice Hub as an expert in helping professionals with career transitions and advancements in Public Relations, Creative Directing, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing.

2015 - Current Entrepreneurship & Brand Building: Steve Nguyen & Associates, PNW BioHackers, messageNOW LLC, Revival You LLC, and DBA Envisionary Studio

2007 - Current To date I have 13+ years of Leadership experience in recruiting, hiring, training, and managing staff in the dental, PR & marketing, and events industry with start-ups and established small businesses looking to grow.

2003 - 2004 Children Youth Services - Project Together: volunteered as a mentor for the County of Orange Health Care Agency. Received 6 hrs of individual training and up to date resources to serve as a positive role model to a 9 yr old girl with behavioral and emotional problems.


11.05.2018  Career Coaching Certification|Career Development Coaching Taught by  Holistic Coach Academy, Louise Anne Maurice

10.2018 Life Coaching Certificate Course (Beginner To Advance) Taught by Achology (The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology), Kain Ramsay


10.2020 - Current Project Management Professional Exam Prep Course Seminar (35 PDUS) Taught by PMI Registered Education Provider, LLC

03.2020 - Current Leadership training by B~Spoke, LLC - Transforming Team Communication
- Transformational Asian Leadership (5 sessions) with Breaking The Bamboo Ceiling Cohort: The 5 Voices (Learned to become more intentional in displaying my "Signature Voice" to be more influential with personal and professional relationships) based on The Art of Collaboration, Optimize Team Performance, build and identify bridges, weapons & triggers, minimize stereotypes that are perceived by Asian leaders, and be able to intentionally lead myself towards a desired reality.
- GiANT TV's live stream: Leadership Mindset Training
- C.O.R.E. Group Session: 1. Call it 2. Own it 3. Respond 4. Execute
- Influence Model: An effective tool that helps shift my relationships from transactional to relational with impact.
- 5 Gears: Designed to help me heighten my self awareness to be more production and present with myself and others in regards to time.

If you are hesitant to work with me because I don't have an International Coach Federation (ICF) certificate, many of the reasons why are outlined in this article here. Remember Tony Robbins? He never got a coaching certificate, actually he left his NLP certification course and started coaching and is now a world renown success coach. I did however take some certificate classes below, but most of it I already know prior to taking the class it was just to see how they structure coaching sessions. I am a life-long learner and lover of knowledge so I'm constantly educating myself from top experts through online materials, training videos, podcasts, and books from people like Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, Tim Ferris, Mel Robbins, Tom Bilyeu, Gary Vaynerchuck, Oprah, Thich Nhat Hanh, James Altucher, Gabor Mate, Chris Kresser, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Kamal Ravikant, and many others. A certificate doesn't mean you are a great coach, but having effective communication and social skills, high emotional intelligence, ability to solve problems, outside the box thinking, have a high level of empathy, a lot of wisdom attained through experience and ability to apply what is learned, is motivational and has the ability to influence people in a positive way are all traits a great coach possesses. I'm dedicated to constantly improve and as someone who has overcome many of my own obstacles, I find fulfillment in helping others do what they thought to be impossible. 

The strategies used are on a case by case basis and sometimes include out of the box thinking and replacing toxic behaviors with healthier habits. I like to coach keeping in mind your strengths, weaknesses, goals, aptitude, and the root cause of your difficulties. Assessments and Feedback is a big part of monitoring progress. Here are some of the tools and techniques that has helped my clients. 

*Appreciative Inquiry
*Positive Psychology
*Self Exploration
*Voice Dialogue
*Mindfulness Intervention
*Transformative & Body Scan Meditation
*Performance & Productivity hacks
*Breathing exercises
*The Express Planning Model
*The Eisenhower Decision Making Framework
*The Ecological Goal Setting Model
*Pareto's Principle
*Pomodoro Technique
*Mind Mapping
*Habit Stacking
*High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT)
*Gratitude Exercises
*Vision Board
*Coping Strategies
*Stress Management Skills
*Goal Visualization
*Motivational Interviewing (MI)
*Motivational Awareness Intervention
*Personal Goal Progress Review
*Reflective Journaling
*The Emotional Meter
*Strengths Based Intervention for Leadership Development
*GiANT Worldwide's Data-Driven People Development Multimedia resources and Tools to help you "know yourself to lead yourself"
*Resilience Training
Available Soon *Aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Available Soon *Aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)



Van Revival was born due to my versatility and commitment to resilience and reinvention. I have a knack for turning challenges into opportunities. People describe me to be a strong-willed individual with a “where there’s a will, there’s a way” approach to challenges. Despite how complex or insurmountable obstacles appear, my ability to land on my feet and adapt quickly to new situations has made me an inspiration to many others encountering difficult times. I've been a Biohacker since 2016 and spent over a decade studying human behavior, ADHD, health, food allergies, mindfulness, and diet. I have a minimalistic approach and understanding of trauma and mind-body connection to healthy and happy living. 

After a long journey of self work, overcoming fears, and healing old wounds, my path and purpose gave rise to Revival You LLC to help people grow through adversity. As the Chief Visionary Officer and Personal Empowerment Coach, I coach individuals one-on-one to shift their attitude and elevate their emotional state to where they want to be. My journey to becoming a coach became at the age of 21 when I first joined Children Youth Services working with a troubled 9 yr old girl who didn't get the proper attention from her family. She went from throwing tantrums and making fun of others in public to respecting people and being well behaved on our outings together. I received up to date resources and 6 hrs of training with the organization that helped me instill positive behaviors in my mentee. I believe what she was really craving was love, attention, and consistency that her family didn't give her. In one case, after just one conversation in a car ride, I inspired an acquaintance to reach out to her ex husband and she got the closure she needed realizing their marriage problems weren't all because of him, that she took a part in it as well, he finally revealed things he hid from her. She also reached out to her mother and to her surprise received a positive response back. In another instance, I helped an acquaintance who had just been raped to work up the courage to report it to the police, helped her prepare for the process, and within months she was ready to date again. She said she reached out to me because she noticed how happy I am despite my ex boyfriend recently cheating on me and my relationship just ending, and my horrible experience with rape in the past. She thought I'd be the right person to help her through it. I soon realized this is a natural gift I have. I suppose this is my superpower. To be a catalyst in one's journey and facilitate healing. I was always able to identify those who had suffered similar things I did. I used to think it was strange that acquaintances would open up about their most personal issues and somehow they would walk away feeling better about themself and be inspired to take action. Then eventually I decided to get into coaching professionally and went through certification courses to educate myself on the most effective strategies to coaching. My leadership skills in working with teams as a supervisor, recruiter, and manager has equipped me with real life experience to work with other leaders and entrepreneurs looking to motivate their team and build high performance teams. 

My experience with people runs deep. I've been told I'm an empath for as long as I remember, and maybe it is that I have an abundance of mirroring neurons that allows me to be so connected and empathetic to other people. Just a theory. I grew up feeling other people's pains just being near them. I could always tell when someone was upset, anxious, sad, and cried when the person sharing their story with me had tears dripping down their faces. That led me down the path of wanting to understand people, their behavior, what motivates them. It helps to have the humble experience as a caregiver for Maxim Healthcare Services where I gained experience as a Bachelor of Nursing student. I got to see people at the most vulnerable states from parents who were exhausted from caring for autistic children to getting to know the frustrations of a young adult female who was born with cerebral palsy to caring for cancer patients until their last days to looking after violent patients to housewives who had a high risk pregnancy to caring for young children and infants. The list is endless. Though I didn't get a chance to finish my last year of nursing school due to financial issues, I saw other possibilities in my career path so I went on to work for an oral maxillofacial surgeon where I got to use both my medical knowledge and dental background. 

I can't begin to tell my whole story because it would be too long, but what I can tell you is that when people talk to me or look at me most can't believe I have been through what I have. It's because I don't carry that weight on me. I grew up in a culture where boys were cherished more than girls, where it was deemed acceptable to hit your children if it helps discipline them, where apologies were few if any were received, where my voice didn't matter, my needs came last after the group, where rape is taboo and brushed under the rug, and if you didn't put the interest of your family first despite it conflicting with your morals or integrity you may wake up one day without one. 

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I had to fight and work hard to get to where I am. I’ve been a survivor since birth. My mother’s OB-Gyn told her I may not live on the day I was born because I had an umbilical cord wrapped around my neck three times. Since day one, I was resilient. I survived and was in the nicu right after I was born. I was so small, my mother told me I looked like a rat. 

I'm a believer if you want your story to change then you need to change and adapt to your surroundings to survive. That means changing your narrative and empowering yourself with tough decisions you have to make so you can have a better future. I was stuck in a toxic cycle for many years and my journey to healing and self love began at the age of 30. I woke up a little at age 25, but I didn’t really step into my own until I hit 30 and it has been a work in progress everyday since then to become who I am today, resilient, courageous, outspoken, loving towards myself, and happy of who I have become. We are all a work in progress and if we were perfect there would be nothing we’d need to do to improve ourselves. That is why I am constantly learning and discovering more about myself as time goes on. 

If you are feeling hopeless just know for every problem there is a solution. Right now, you have the choice of investing in yourself. Having had mentors, a relationship coach, and a leadership coach, I know the power of having guidance from people with more experience and wisdom. And having been the coachee, I want to give back. I’d like to be the person to facilitate your growth, work with your strengths and understand your weaknesses to help you get to where you want the quickest way possible. Empower you to eventually lead yourself. 

You don't have to be tech savvy to work with me. If you prefer to write things down because it helps you process your thoughts, I can send you documents via mail or email it over to you. I understand everyone has a different comfort level and I'm not here to make your life more difficult, but if you like to challenge yourself, I'm happy to walk you through the different technologies and tools I use when we begin our professional relationship.

*GSuite: Gmail, Google Calendar invites, Google Drive to access to files, Google Forms to collect surveys and online quizzes, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Hangouts for video calls and messaging, and Google Meet for video meetings with presentations.
*Calendly for ease of scheduling future sessions
*Trello & Asana 
*Adobe Sign for digital signatures
*Adobe Acrobat for workbooks 
*Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn
*Text messaging via mobile device

Q. What do you use for payment processing? 

A. Paypal merchant services

Q. How do I submit payment?

A. You'll receive a Paypal invoice via email with a link to review your invoice and easily make a payment online. Paypal will email me to notify you've made payment. 

Q. What forms of payments are accepted?

A. PayPal Wallet, a bank account, PayPal Credit, debit or credit cards, and rewards balance. For more info on Payment Methods click here
Accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute. Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are supported and treated just like a credit card.

Card types not compatible with PayPal Merchant Services are:
i) Procurement and private label credit cards (such as a department store credit card).
ii) Debit cards requiring a numeric password and pin-pad for entry.

Do you accept payment plans or is everything upfront? 

A. Because I understand coaching isn't a one and done kind of scenario and how COVID-19 has impacted so many people and businesses financially, I have some flexibility with collecting payment and made packages with longer commitments to have more savings. See Fee Description for package details. 

i) If you signed up for the Tree by the session plan then I will just bill you as we go prior to each session. Keep in mind, I may not be available immediately after if my schedule is filled, but I will give you the soonest available appointment. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis and dependent on projects I'm working on. 
ii) If you signed up for the Garden by the month plan I recommend paying for the whole month up front. That way you don't have to worry about paying several invoices over the course of a month. If you are unable to pay all of it upfront, we can split it into 2 payments on a biweekly basis. As long as sessions are paid in advance, we will continue the sessions as planned. 
iii) Forest by the package plans are billed each month or billed all upfront upon your request. Invoices are scheduled to automatically be sent to you for efficiency, if anything gets changed like your schedule, we can adjust and pause our sessions and schedule to resume coaching when your schedule permits.  

Q. What is the refund policy? 

A. If you are unhappy with the coaching sessions, I can't refund the completed sessions prior to your complaint, but I can for unused sessions. If we are not a good fit or you don't feel like you are progressing we can terminate our coach/client relationship and cancel future sessions so you can put it towards someone who can better assist you.

Q. What happens if I don't use all 4 of my sessions for the month I paid for?

A. If for whatever reason, you are unable to attend 4 sessions in the month you paid for, we can roll over the sessions into the next month like a rollover minutes in a cell phone plan. That way you don't lose those sessions you didn't use within the month. I recommend at least doing a session once every two weeks. Most people who wait until the third week often forget to follow through with action steps. If you have a very specific goal and have time constraints or want to do one session a month, and I feel in your case it will be effective for you, we can consider spacing out sessions to once a month and communicate via text and email in between sessions. 


Expected Growth

1. Revival start

For new potential clients, you get one Complimentary 1 hr 45 min in-depth discovery phone call. The call gives me a chance to get to know you and your life priorities, goals, objectives

2. Plant the seed

Before beginning the first official coaching session I will send over a Client Confidentiality Agreement and invoice, and then we will start with the Life Balance Workbook to assess your current situation to track progress.

3. Germination

In this phase, I will examine your present situation and understand how your past experiences and circumstances affect you today. We'll also identify what your limiting beliefs are and your core identity. Know what you value, to apply that to important life decisions in the future.

4. Sprout

In the sprouting phase, we will focus on you gaining awareness & accountability. To make progress we will work together to help you ditch the junk that hinders your growth. what to prioritize, make a commitment to change, and create an action plan to help you nurture the germinating seed to grow into a tree.

5. Sapling

Expected Growth - Pathway to Revival and Reinvention. Here you will have the chance to hit the refresh button and feel empowered to redefine yourself. Move past limitations to allow your healing and growth to occur, along with the development of resilience.

6. Small tree

Pathway to Optimization So you are ready to grow beyond recovery and push boundaries. We can help speed up your journey to reach optimal health, happiness, and performance using efficient and effective custom solutions to get you there.

7. Mature tree w/ flowers

Expected Growth - Continual Progress and Pathway Mastery. In this phase, you'll gain an understanding of mastery, learn how to create a mastery map, and master specific skills. I'll help you identify a focus area and work with you until you become the expert.

8. Mature tree w/ fruits

After having received coaching you want to explore becoming a coach yourself. You want to grow fruits on your tree to give back to others. I am happy to assist you on your path to becoming a coach and recommend any resources and people that can help you with that.

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Receive excellent support

  • Email, messaging, and/or phone support for the duration of the program
  • Check-in calls - accountability partner
  • Progress review & action plan
  • Session notes when needed
  • Tools and Exercises to aid in your personal development
  • Google Hangouts Video coaching sessions 1x a week
  • Additional strategy after a coaching session
  • Text message support
  • Recommended reading and resources


By the session
$ 150
  • Complementary 1hr 45min. Revival Start Session
  • One full 60 min. coaching session
  • Life Balance Evaluation, Goal Setting, Action Plan
  • Email Support
  • Google Meet premium Video Coaching Session
  • Recommended Reading and Resources
  • No Commitment


Email Coaching
Get Quote Month to Month
  • Complementary 1hr 45 min Revival Start Session
  • Life Evaluation
  • Email and messaging app to communicate
  • X Emails per Week
  • Recommended Reading and Resources
  • Flexibility & Convenience
  • Most Affordable


By the month
Get Quote X Sessions
  • Tree features included
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Text message support
  • Check-in Calls
  • Session notes when needed
  • Progress Review
  • Additional strategy after a coaching session

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What’s Your Story?

Your experiences are your own and every individual has their own perspective, feelings, and how you process those emotions are subjective.  I’m not here to judge. I seek to understand you, how you think, how your experiences, variables, and reactions impact you today. I look forward to having the honor to get to know you. The real you. Not the you your family expects you to be, not the you with the social mask on or how you are portrayed on social media or in the press. The raw vulnerable you. Vulnerability is a strength. It takes courage to show up as your authentic self. Sometimes expectations from others cause you to hide who you really are. I’m here to draw it out. 

“Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think.”
- Brene Brown

Ready for your Revival?

Before you schedule your complementary Revival Start Session make sure to take the coachability quiz above first.