I do work with freelancers and strategic partners. All of my contractors/vendors go through a vetting process to be able to deliver what’s needed for client projects.

I adjust my schedule to my client’s time zone as much as I can. My work hours can extend from 5 am to 5 pm PST. I do my best to find overlaps and run productive team meetings even if our client is located in New York.

I have a knack for hiring great talent with amazing work ethics. Because I am passionate about my work, I tend to attract other people with a similar mindset when it comes to work. Like attracts like. They have an amazing track record with phenomenal
portfolios and social skills that allow them to work productively in a team.

You can find my work on this website, as well as on Instagram, Yelp, UpWork, Google Maps, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Design Rush, and Envisionary Studio.com.

My creative/branding services are quoted using a value-based pricing model, rather than hourly. So no, you don’t pay for the hour, you pay for the quality of the deliverables. Hourly pricing model is for some event production services, hourly consulting, and coaching. I love what I do and if I could, I would do it without any pay. The money invested into working with me helps keep my clients accountable and committed. That lets me know my energy, time, and resources will not be wasted. Having skin in the game means you are serious in your pursuits. 

Once the contract is signed and invoice is paid, I start by onboarding you and your team. During the onboarding process, I will ask about any updates, professional or business goals, get to know you, understand your vision, and set up collaboration tools. I use both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, along with Trello, communication software, and possibly other tools as needed depending on the scope of the project. My process starts with a Discovery and Research phase. Then in phase II based on my findings, I put together what I think is the best solution for Execution Excellence. Execution Excellence depends on two factors mainly – strategic goals and resource alignment. When all the departments are well-aligned to the respective objectives, the cumulative effort helps the organization, as a whole, to achieve its strategic goals, thereby accomplishing Execution Excellence. In phase III, after a tactical strategy has been approved and a plan is put in place, the execution begins. During the execution phase, there are checkpoints to ensure  things are on track and innovation occurs along the way as needed to adapt to situations as they arise. After that, I monitor the brand and continuously measure and analyze results. And the cycle contiues to repeat itself continually improving the Kaizen way. 

I naturally have a refined eye for beauty since I was young. A lot of what I’ve achieved in my career has all come to me naturally rather than by force. Reinvention has become a natural part of my evolution. My inquisitive mind is the reason behind my affinity for learning. I’m comfortable with challenges. When I see a challenge, I don’t see a problem, I see opportunities and solutions. Though I was predominantly a right brain creative, I exercise my left brain to balance creativity with logic, see details and have foresight for big picture stuff. It’s not common to see a lot of creatives with a business mind and for me having been around a lot of mentors who are much more experienced, wiser, and successful than me in their prospective fields, I was able to gain perspective to see things from different angles some people can’t. That perspective has worked as a client advantage because I  help them save time, money, and mitigate risks before problems arise. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the world’s most brilliant minds that has helped shaped me to be the business socially savvy woman I am today. I have been fortunate enough to be in meetings with Vin Diesel’s people, millionaires, scientists like Wolfgang Smith, inventors, Executives at Wells Fargo, brain experts, James Patterson’s legal team, socialites, all star athletes, a NASA astronaut, multi-Platinum and Grammy winning artists, and absorb information like a sponge. I operate at a faster than normal speed. I can talk fast, read fast, walk fast, run fast, type fast, text fast, write fast, and I have the ability to get laser focused. This year, I was told I have a high level of practical and social intelligence.  I am always taking new classes to hone in on my skills, reading, and learning from other coaches. Communication is a big one for me and my clients know when they work with me, I will give them honest feedback, while still being supportive and nurturing. I strive to liberate those around me by providing high challenge, high support. 

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