Van Thu Nguyen aka Van Revival

Meraki (n.)

Van T. Nguyen is a hard-driving businesswoman with a refined eye for beauty, known for helping brands create positive lasting impressions. She was a trendsetter and model, walking the runways for fashion icons, and the face of beauty and fashion campaigns. Soon after she became an event assistant for a 360 entertainment firm handling red carpet events for Hollywood’s A-Listers. Then as a project manager helped close a $1+M contract. In 2016, she launched messageNOW which made the TOP 10 BEST PR list in LA. Her work and expertise have been featured in numerous press outlets. Thanks to Van, countless individuals and businesses have increased their profits dramatically, enhanced their performance profoundly, and established a far stronger presence in the marketplace. Whatever their ambition or concern, people count on Van to give them the time and attention they deserve.

At Envisionary Studio, Van is the Owner, Project Manager, and Brand Builder. She operates at a faster than normal speed with a proven track record of tackling challenges gracefully and mastering skills quickly. People call her Van Revival due to her versatility and commitment to resilience and reinvention; her drive and passion come from her desire to help brands succeed with quality solutions. From ideation to execution, the combination of entrepreneurial project management skills, emotional intelligence, a refined eye for beauty, hypervigilant attention to detail, and foresight has led to unequaled results for clients in many different industries.

Through experiential empathic engagement, she has helped facilitate innumerable relationships with high-value individuals. Rest assured, as a marketing generalist, she can draw on diverse knowledge in a variety of industries with resourceful problem-solving abilities to help you achieve your goals.

Van has worked with diverse and incredible clients: personal brands and influencers, small businesses, and nonprofits. From NFL players to astronauts in space to personal development speakers, her clients are revolutionary.

  • Eng3 Corp
  • Jim Kwik
  • 300 Pound Vegan
  • Ishimatsu Law Group
  • Arizona Psychedelics Conference 2019
  • The Principle Movie
  • FlatCat Productions
  • My Neighborhood Nurses
Brand Ambassadorship
  • Goli Gummy
  • BioStrap
  • Popl
  • Northwest Registered Agent
  • Zimba Whitening
  • VidIQ
  • NameCheap Inc
  • Elementor
  • Visible
  • Awwwards
  • CREA Awards 2022
  • Publishing
  • Biohacking
  • Health & Wellness
  • Fashion
  • Dental & Oral Surgery
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Personal Development & Coaching
  • Legal
  • Performance Arts
  • Events

Let’s work together

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
~ Helen Keller